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Do you already have some experience in diving? Are you owner of a diving certification? How often do you get the chance to meet a shark up close? Then experience Europe’s deepest aquarium, try out diving with the fascinating inhabitants of the sea and enjoy unique moments which you’ll never forget!

You will receive a brief introduction with conduct rules about association with the sharks. It’s really going to start now! Dive into the underwater world and experience, surrounded by amazing inhabitants of the sea, another type of life full of adventure, grace and wave of emotion.

The underwater landscape gives the impression of living in pure nature under the surface of the sea and seems natural and identical.

Marvel at the easy elegance which show us the giant fishes while wandering through the water.

At the end of your dive trip, you will receive an entrance ticket for you and a companion. So, you will have the opportunity to discover the rest of the aquarium together with its variety of exotic and indigenous fishes.

Price: 199.- Euro p.pers.

Diving with sharks –

Catch a special wave of emotion

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